2017 World Scout Moot

The 15th World Scout Moot will be held in Iceland from July 25th to August 2nd, 2017.  It is an official event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), hosted and organized by the Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association, for young people ages between 18 and 25 inclusive. With more than 160 member organizations within WOSM, there are many international Scouting events each year. They provide a great opportunity for our BSA members to connect with the world, to learn about other countries, people, and cultures through Scouting activities, and to make new friendships as part of their Scouting adventure.

The BSA is looking for a highly motivated individual to serve as Head of Contingent at the 15th World Scout Moot. The personal leadership of the contingent leader is one of the most important factors in effective administration of an international event. Two key deliverables are (1) assembling the contingent to give the participants a once-in-a-lifetime experience at a reasonable cost and 2) showcasing the United States and the Boy Scouts of America to the world during the event. The BSA contingent leader will be responsible for their own World Scout Moot registration fees, flights, and any pre or post event travel. We will also ask that the contingent leader be available and willing to attend the Head of Contingent Meeting in late July of this year at their own cost. More details about the 15th World Scout Moot and Head of Contingent Meeting are attached.

If you are interested in applying for this position or know someone who is, please make sure to thoroughly review the position description attached and make sure you are comfortable taking on all of these responsibilities. All completed Contingent Leader Applications should be submitted no later than June 23rd, 2016 to international@scouting.org.

Contingent Leader Application World Scout Moot

Contingent Leader Position Description