The Summer STEM Institute staff has been busy preparing a new curriculum for its expanded program this summer.   The expansion of the second year program will now provide a STEM experience for boys and girls in grades 1-6 and will be held at Saint Virgil Academy in Morris Plans under the direction of their new director, Coral Kennedy.

“The participants will be super excited about the program this summer. The experiments are very fun and provide the opportunity for kids to explore various areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. I can not wait for the program to start so we can start exploring chemistry, physics, programming and so much more.” says Kennedy.

New program features include a Thursday field trip to Liberty Science Center, chemistry, robotics, gravity, astronomy and more.  Activities include imploding soda cans and getting the opportunity to make elephant toothpaste, homemade ice cream, and lava on a stick. Youth will get to build a robot rover, design and create a rover track, and program the robot rover to complete its mission. Youth will also become detectives as they help solve a crime. They will learn about collecting and testing evidence like fingerprints, DNA, “blood,” hair, and getting a good shoe print from the criminal.

A separate curriculum is designed for grades 1-3 and grades 4-6.  For more information about Summer STEM Institute visit or contact Bill SanFilippo, STEM program director, at