Wood Badge Dining Out

The idea of a “Dining-Out” was adopted many years ago by the British Army and is a long standing tradition in regimental messes.  Lt. General Robert Baden-Powell, the Founder of Scouting, retired from the British Army in 1910, most likely participated in many social Dining-Out events, which are open to non-members, including spouses and friendsOur own military adopted this concept and I have participated in a number of them both in the military and with Wood Badge. 

 Please join us (in full Wood Badge uniform) at the annual Critter Breakfast on Saturday Jan 9, 2016 from 8:30 to 11:00 AM at Mayfair Farms on 481 Eagle Rock Ave, West Orange NJ.  The cost is $40 per Wood Badger ($45 at the door) and $35 for non-members (including spouses and guests).  Also note a little perk of no fee for registered N5-333-16 participants for the upcoming course.  Whether a Wood Badger or not, you are very welcome to attend.  Bring your patrol flag and catch up with your critter friends of fur and feather!

We are also seeking donations for the silent auction.  You can bring  these Scout/Wood Badge items with you or drop them off to Mike Sass in Cedar Knolls.  Proceeds will go toward sending Scouters to Happy Land (AKA Wood Badge Scholarships)!

If you have someone you would like add to the Patrol Eternal, please contact the current Course Director, Robin Caiazzo at her email address rscaiazzo@aol.com.

For the flyer, click here and to register click here: