Rocket Safety Update

Rocket Academies have traditionally been a one day event for communities and neighborhoods. They are a good way to spread the word about Scouting in the area and a good way to educate participants and attendees regarding the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) program. The launching of rockets has been a way to generate interest in Scouting. has several articles regarding Rocket Academies.

BSA recommends the following, as units, districts, and council rocket activities are considered. In addition, it is suggested that the organizers of the event consider completing a Program Hazard Analysis (PHA) in an effort to identify the hazards and risks associated this activity.

  1. Review and be familiar with the National Association of Rocketry Safety code which can be found at
  2. Determine if there are any local rules and regulations regarding the type, sizing and launching of rockets within your community.
  3. Be aware of, and guided by, The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety.

For more information on using rockets as a recruitment and retention tool, please see the “Rocket Into Scouting” section of the Marketing and Membership Hub on Scouting Wire