Information and Updates from the Advancement Committee

There have recently been quite a few changes made by BSA National to the Cub Scout program (have patience, this is a large file) and to the Boy Scout advancement requirements.  Here is a comparison between old and new Boy Scout requirements (have patience, this is a large file) and a more concise list of Boy Scout requirement changes.  Here’s a link to the Cub Scout Program Resources forms.  The Patriot’s Path Council Advancement Committee is making a concerted effort to distribute these changes via the council website, an Advancement News flyer, the Signs Up e-newsletter, roundtables, district advancement chairs, handouts at the service center, the University of Scouting, and other venues.  The committee maintains the Patriots’ Path Council advancement website where much additional advancement information can be found.  Keep up with all the latest advancement newsVisit the Patriots’ Path Council Advancement website.


The Advancement Committee holds two major Council wide advancement events each year.  The Merit Badge Introduction Workshop will be held on November 21, 2015 and the Elective Extravaganza for Cub Scouts will be held on April 9th, 2016 at Camp Winnebago.  The Elective Extravaganza replaces the Belt Loop Bonanza due to the Cub Scout Program changes.  Each of the Council’s six Districts will be supporting a portion of the Elective Extravaganza.  Contact your District Advancement Chair (here for a list) to help out.