Fall Webelos Woods camporee for Webelos Cub Scouts and their Families.

Webelos Woods is a program hosted by the Raritan Valley District , but open to all Webleos and families

9/25-27  Held at Winnebago Scout Reservation in Rockaway – the South End.


You and your son can experience two types of Boy Scout camping:

For the *WEBELOS Walkabout (Old Part 2), it is more like a weekend camp out 
with a Boy Scout troop.  This fulfills the requirements for the old program Arrow of Light
rank and will cover many of the “Webelos Walkabout” Webelos badge new requirements.

For the **AOL Camper (Old Part 1), the boys will learn about what a Boy Scout troop
is all about.   They will have the opportunity to earn the Outdoorsman* activity pin from
the old requirements and many of the new “Camper and Scouting adventure”
AOL requirements.

For more information, please carefully review the Web-e-los Camping Info Packet 

Registration is required for all units.  Every individual Cub, parent, and sibling must register.


Webelos Woods is held in parallel with the Cub-e-los camping weekend.  Separate
registrations are set up for these two events.  Everyone attending either Webelos
Woods or Cub-e-los must pay the fee for either Cub-e-los or Webelos Woods. 

It is strongly recommended that those who participate at Webelos Woods have the
option of paying for Cub-e-los only, which would imply they will be camping with their pack,
rather than sleeping in the Webelos Woods areas.  In that case, however, they will not
be allowed to have the meals associated with Webelos Woods, which are a significant
part of event cost.  Those folks must register for Cub-e-los online and pay that fee separately.

Thus, please have the following information before continuing the registration process:

1. Number of Webelos Walkabout who will fully participate,  i.e.,  pay the fee/have meals.

2. Number of Arrow of Light Camper who will fully participate, i.e., pay the fee/have meals.

3. Number of Webelos  Walkabout parents who will fully participate, i.e., pay the fee/have meals.

4. Number of AOL Camper parent/siblings who will fully participate, i.e., pay the fee/have meals.

See packet for event schedules and expectations for those who are not fully participating in the event.

For more information contact Jim Kelly at Troop193@optonline.net or 908-725-1025

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