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The FORUM is a National cluster concept and a friendly way to help Scouting leaders exchange ideas and programs among our troops, crews, ships, posts, councils, areas, regions and National. The FORUM is shared by volunteers and professionals across the country. “The FORUM” has been published monthly since 2003 and is not an official publication of any council, area, region or National. It is the leaders and professionals newsletter. Help support our teenage program by sending the FORUM your stories, newsletters, council articles, by-laws, questions and best practices to share with others. As always, articles, questions and comments are welcome. Promote Venturing, Sea Scouting and Exploring by promoting your unit and council. The FORUM is received in over 185 councils, nationally and internationally.

The current FORUM and all attachments can be found on the FORUM Website maintained by Bernie Suess, Web Editor.

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This newsletter contains some valuable information. I’ve learned a lot from it, and I’m sure you will too. My crew has even been fortunate enough to have the articles we submitted to them included in the newsletter.

-Katie Rozek, Council Venturing President