Scotty and Team SLR to Attend the 2015 Liberty Jamboree!

Boy Scouts of America racing Team SLR and driver Scott Lagasse, Jr. will be attending #libertyjamboree signing autographs and speaking!

Scott Lagasse Jr. and members of his team will make the trip east to attend the event with the official Boy Scouts of America race car.

Team SLR is a small but ever growing race team.  Expanding into the NASCAR Nationwide Series with the BSA is a strategic step in the evolution of our team and our partners.  Fans give their loyalty to quality divers, so we realize that quality drivers become our most valuable asset.  Drivers understand the unique & huge responsibility that they have. Drivers become role models, mentors, spokespersons to millions who follow the sport.  Drivers are winners on and off the track and understand the value of education as shown by the fact that they are all college educated.  Team SLR is currently developing programs to assist our drivers in mental, physical & nutritional optimization so that they can be the “Best Drivers” possible.

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