This is an exciting year for us:  the Centennial of the Order of the Arrow!  In case you haven’t heard, Woapalanne Lodge earned JTE Gold level status again last year, and we have a lot of activities over the next several months to celebrate our 100th birthday and welcome new members into the Order.

We hope that you will come and enjoy the company of your fellow Arrowmen at one or more of these events.


Do you like to perform?  Are you part of your school’s drama, forensics, or music programs?  If so, or if you just love the Order and its lore, you may be interested in being part of our Ceremonies Team.  Our team was active this past winter at several Webelos crossovers and Eagle Courts of Honor.  There are several opportunities this spring and summer to be a part of our meaningful ceremonies.  Interested Arrowmen should email Vice Chief of Lore Kolten Hilton at kolten.hilton@gmail.com.


June 19-21 at WSR

Our premier events every year are our Fellowship Weekends, when we induct new members, do Brotherhood conversions, and recognize new Vigil honorees.  There’s a lot of work to do, but also a bunch of fun and camaraderie.  For newer members or those that have been inactive for awhile, these weekends are great ways to reconnect with the lodge and with your Brothers.  If you haven’t made your Brotherhood conversion, any of these weekends are the place to do it.  Registration and medical forms can be downloaded from our lodge website, oa-ppbsa.org  .

Also, at the May weekend, during Saturday lunch, we hold our annual LODGE ELECTIONS to choose new officers.   Anyone wanting to run for elected office must contact Lodge Adviser Mr. Sturm before the May Weekend.  43advisor@gmail.com



While attending our summer camps this year, keep your ears and eyes open for OA days, service opportunities, and cracker barrels.  Ask at camp about contacting your camp’s Summer Chief.

Tuesday, July 7
Camp Allamuchy

We are only one of two lodges in our section chosen to host this OA Centennial event.  There will be displays and programs, an evening presentation, and the chance to meet sectional and national officers of the OA.  There’s a lot of work to be done that day, so we’re looking for volunteers to help set up, staff the event, and clean up afterwards.  Please contact event chairman Jake Jellison at  jellison.jake@gmail.com.

Saturday, July 25
Camp Allamuchy Dining Hall

In its third year, this is a very enjoyable event which every available Arrowman should attend.  Although not an OA event, it is an important event that raises money for the Campership Fund, which is part of our mission as a lodge.  Please see attached flyer.



October 2-4
Liberty State Park

Certainly, by this time you must know about the Liberty Jamboree!  What you might not know is that the OA is going to be a very visible presence at this watershed event.  We are going to be involved in helping the event run smoothly (Service, of course!) and will be part of the Program aspect as well.  We will need a lot of help from our Brothers.  There is also the opportunity, if your home unit is not going, to stay in a special OA “crew”.  More information will follow as the events flesh out.

October 30-November 1

More information posted later in the summer.

Early January

More information posted in early fall.


Whew!  That’s a lot of good old-fashioned OA activities.  Hope you can be part of our special celebration this year.  As always, please make sure your dues are up to date and to consider converting to Brotherhood Honor if you are eligible.  Also, come out to our LEC meetings on the second Thursday of each month at the Council Service Center at 7:30.  There are only three more this year before summer comes.  Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend.