Investors Bank Care2Share Program

Patriots’ Path Council periodically reviews services provided by vendors.  Last year, a task force was assembled to review the council’s banking relationships.  The task force reviewed proposals from three banks; comparing the array of services offered.  Their recommendation was to transition our banking relationships from TD Bank and PNC Bank to Investors Bank and Lakeland Bank.  In addition to being able to satisfy the council’s banking requirements, these banks are very supportive of the Scouting movement.  Investors Bank offers a program called Care2Share which is similar to TD Bank’s affinity program.  The program essentially aggregates Investors Bank account balances for individuals and families desiring to be affiliated with the council.  When you link your eligible accounts to Patriots’ Path Council, Boy Scouts of America, the organization will receive from Investors Bank .25% on the average monthly balance* of your checking account or .15% on the average monthly balance* of your savings account. This is free to you and does not affect any of the features or benefits that come with your accounts.

If you are interested in supporting the council financially this way, please consider opening an Investors Bank checking or savings account and affiliating yourself with the council. Account linking forms are available at any Investors branch; by visiting; or by contacting

*Average balances are annualized and paid in quarterly increments.