NYLT is a rigorous youth leadership training program that provides skills for life and is designed to benefit and enhance the leadership teams of troops and Venture crews. It is FUN, challenging and informative. Upon completion each participant will receive a certificate of this nationally recognized program.

The NYLT course centers around the concepts of what a leader must BE, what a leader must KNOW, and what a leader must DO. The key elements are taught with a clear focus on HOW TO. The skills come alive during the week as the participants go on a Quest for the Meaning of Leadership. NYLT is a seven-day course. Content is delivered in a troop and patrol outdoor setting with an emphasis on immediate application of learning in a fun, guiding environment. Interconnecting concepts and work processes are introduced early, built upon, and aided by the use of memory aids which allow participants to understand and employ this “Tool Box” of leadership skills much faster.

Patriots’ Path Council offers two NYLT 2015 programs.  Sunday, June 28, 2015 to Saturday, July 4, 2015 and Sunday, August 9, 2015 to Saturday, August 15, 2015.  The regular registration price is $280.00.  The early bird fee is $265 by May 1st for the June course and by June 1st for the August course. The late fee is $310.00 as of June 1st for June course and as of July 10th for August course.

Register on line at PPCNYLT.ORG.

Grant Van Eck
NYLT Staff Advisor
Phone 973-765-9322 x257


Emil Rufolo
NYLT Course Director
Phone 908-380-2963