Registration Notes and Reminders

The fall recruiting season is in full swing and it is important to forward all new youth and adult applications to the registration department on a timely basis.

A new youth and adult applicant must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America in order to participate in unit and/or council sponsored activities. Without current registration participants are not covered by liability insurance at these events.

In addition the ability to present awards is also compromised. These individuals do not appear on the internet advancement roster so awards cannot be recorded and purchased.

Applications may be forwarded to the registration department in three ways

  1. US Mail
  2. Via email addressed to the registrar
  3. Via fax (973) 267-3406 ‘Attention Registration’

Please refer to the fee structure below for registration of individuals through the end of the charter year 2014.  Note that any fees for applications received without payment will be deducted from a unit account maintained in the Scout Shop either at the Cedar Knolls or Mountainside location.