Four Percent: The Story of Uncommon Youth in a Century of American Life


The 2012 winner of USA Book News award for Best Non-Fiction, Four Percent is one of the most complete histories of Boy Scouts of America® ever written and the first to focus on Eagle Scouts®. Award-winning author and veteran journalist Michael S. Malone brings a story that for too long has been wrapped in myth and prejudice — and uncovers one of the most important movements in American history.

This book is more than just a history of Eagle Scouting, but also the story of many Eagles — a President of the United States, astronauts, Medal of Honor recipients, Nobel prize winners, authors, movie stars, titans of industry, leaders in government and civil rights, and community activists who have transformed the face of America.

Filled with vivid historic anecdotes, compelling profiles, and surprising facts, Malone brings the eye of a world-class writer, the insider experience of being an Eagle Scout himself, and the objectivity of a career journalist, to produce the best book ever about America’s Eagles.

Hard cover, 235 pages

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