Cub Scouts 2015 Update

“We have heard that Cub Scout Belt Loops are being discontinued.”  Is that true?

The Sports and Academics Cub Scout Belt Loops are being discontinued as we know them today. However, belt loops will be a core component of the new Cub Scout 2015 program.  Boys will be recognized as they work toward rank by completing various activities that will be recognized with belt loops.  Many of the items boys are currently doing in the existing Cub Scout Sports and Academics program will be incorporated into the basic requirements the boys work on for achievement of rank advancement. The new Cub Scouts 2015 program will begin in September of 2015.

It is a fantastic time now and over the next year for dens and packs to plan activities around the current Sports and Academic program to be able to earn these items while they still exist.  Over the years as there have been program changes in the BSA retired items have become not only nostalgic items, but ones for collectors.