Charter Renewal 2015 Announcements

Charter Renewal Packages

Charter renewal packages for 2015 were prepared and distributed at the Tradeshow of Scouting held at the Birchwood Manor on Monday June 2nd.

Any unit who did not pick up their materials may contact their district executive to make arrangements to acquire the information package.

On the unit label on the envelope is the unit access code number that can be used in October to begin the renewal process.

Training Reports

Contained in the envelope is unit specific information regarding adult leader training. The Youth Protection Training Report includes information for all leaders indicating expired training and expiration dates of current training. Note that any leader re-registering effective January 1, 2015 must have Youth Protection training that has been completed in the past 24 months. Therefore, any adult who had taken training prior to December 31, 2012 must complete training before the charter is activated for 2015.

As part of the Journey to Excellence criteria, youth serving unit leaders should complete leader specific training. The Leader Not Trained Report indicates adult leaders who have not completed specific training coinciding with their present registered position.

An instruction sheet and explanation is enclosed with the training reports.

Please Note:

Unit rosters were not included in these packages. Due to the confidential information available on the rosters, rosters are only available to the Key 3 leaders in a unit. Unfortunately this policy change had not been communicated to Mr. Tallmadge on a timely basis and the introductory letter indicates that rosters would be part of the materials distributed.

While these had been available in the past, the new MyScouting Tools and training reports have eliminated the need to distribute roster information.