Boy Scouts of America Announces NEW Venturing Award Names

Wayne Perry, national president of the Boy Scouts of America, and Annaliese Parker, national Venturing president, today jointly announced the new names for Venturing awards. Click here to see their video.

Venturing Award
The first step in any journey is the courage to begin. At this level, the new crew member makes their commitment to join and move forward into the experience of Venturing.

Discovery Award
The adventure of participating with the crew unfolds, and each  Venturer begins to discover his or her interests and talents. As  the Discovery Award recipients develop new skills and competencies, their eyes are opened and the world expands  for them.

Pathfinder Award
The Venturer’s capabilities and skills expand and with them come increased responsibility for defining their own way forward in life, service to others and formal planning and leadership of the crew toward its goals.

Summit Award
The highest award of Venturing, the Summit Award, goes to those Venturers who have matured in their personal direction,  skills, and life competencies, and who have accepted the responsibility to mentor others and serve their communities in  a lasting way.

These new Venturing award names are the result of months of research by the National Venturing Task Force. Each was developed and tested among youth participants in the program, adult volunteers, human resource recruiters, and college admissions  counselors, using focus groups and quantitative research. All of the names selected were  consistently highly received and represent the progressive nature of the new program  rank requirements.

The new program—to be released in full at the National Annual Meeting in Nashville,  Tenn., May 21–23, 2014—is built around progressive experiences in the focus areas of  Adventure, Leadership, Service, and Personal Growth. Built around adventures planned  and executed by the Venturing crews, the new program will better position all Venturers for wherever they choose to go in life.

“The new Venturing award structure will make Venturing more relevant to the youth of  today—while strengthening the Venturing program without detracting from anything going on in the Venturing program today,” said Annaliese Parker. “I have no doubt in my  mind that this is one of the greatest changes in Venturing in the past 15 years.”

During their announcement, Wayne Perry commented, “Boy Scouts of America is fully  committed to the Venturing program, these new awards, and the great things that are going to happen with this new Venturing program.”

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