Nuclear Cowboyz

March 2, 2 pm

at the Izod Center

Adults $46.50 Scouts $23.50
Scout Packages:
10 Youth, 2 Adult Tickets: $320
5 Youth, 2 Adult Tickets: $190
2 Youth, 2 Adult Tickets: $130
All Scouts receive a FREE patch and an exclusive Scout Clinic beginning at 12 noon.
Order tickets by February 21
IZOD Center is a marketing partner of Patriots’ Path Council.


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The 2014 Nuclear Cowboyz freestyle motocross (FMX) tour is the most explosive choreographed arena-based production in the world. The show features a storyline conveyed through more than 1000 gravity-defying freestyle tricks performed by the globe’s most dominant freestyle athletes. The action-packed show is complete with stunning laser effects, the largest indoor pyrotechnics show and an infectious soundtrack comprised of heavy metal, electronic dubstep and alternative hip hop.

Adding to the action, the show features the critically-acclaimed Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors defying their limits of courage through heart-wrenching martial arts performances with swift movements, extreme force and fierce concentration that test the sheer strength and agility of their bodies. These warriors will use their own bodies to bend metal rods, break objects in precise strikes and be lifted in the air on the points of handheld spears.