Halloween Cub Scout Recruitment Ideas

Cub Scout Leaders & Parents!

With Halloween just around the corner, here are some great recruitment ideas for you to use to recruit Cub Scouts and families to join the Scouting program.

These can be great ways to reach those families who missed your Cub Scout recruitment event, want to be part of Scouting, but simply don’t know how or who to call. Let’s help them join the fun of Scouting!

  • Hand out Join Cub Scouting Flyer when handing out candy.
  • Hand out “Happy Halloween!” business cards when handing out candy. (PDF Template)
  • Have boys pass out the “Happy Halloween!” business cards to their friends at school.
  • (PDF Template)
  • Put a “Join Scouting” lawn sign in your yard.
  • Make a special invitation to invite potential Scouts and families to your next pack meeting or event.
  • Hang a Cub Scout Poster on your door.
  • Hand out Boys’ Life Mini-Magazines.

Click here to download the PDF Template

Cub Scout flyers, posters and Boy’s Life Mini-Magazines are available for “free” at the council service center.

For more membership recruitment and marketing materials, go to http://join.ppbsa.org/

To request these materials or for more information, contact your district membership chair, district executive or the council service center at 973-765-9322