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Date clarification Munsee November Roundtable -Duty to Country!

Don’t forget to vote before the Munsee Roundtable on 11/5.

Please be advised that the Munsee Roundtable will be held on its usual meeting pattern of the first Tuesday of the month at the Osceola Presbyterian Church in Clark even though  it is Election Day.

(It had been discussed with district leadership to change the date, but the decision was made to keep the usual pattern)

Please vote early!

Halloween Cub Scout Recruitment Ideas

Cub Scout Leaders & Parents!

With Halloween just around the corner, here are some great recruitment ideas for you to use to recruit Cub Scouts and families to join the Scouting program.

These can be great ways to reach those families who missed your Cub Scout recruitment event, want to be part of Scouting, but simply don’t know how or who to call. Let’s help them join the fun of Scouting!

  • Hand out Join Cub Scouting Flyer when handing out candy.
  • Hand out “Happy Halloween!” business cards when handing out candy. (PDF Template)
  • Have boys pass out the “Happy Halloween!” business cards to their friends at school.
  • (PDF Template)
  • Put a “Join Scouting” lawn sign in your yard.
  • Make a special invitation to invite potential Scouts and families to your next pack meeting or event.
  • Hang a Cub Scout Poster on your door.
  • Hand out Boys’ Life Mini-Magazines.

Click here to download the PDF Template

Cub Scout flyers, posters and Boy’s Life Mini-Magazines are available for “free” at the council service center.

For more membership recruitment and marketing materials, go to

To request these materials or for more information, contact your district membership chair, district executive or the council service center at 973-765-9322


The charter checklist form will be used to review a unit charter renewal package when it is turned in. A very similar form was utilized last year and this version incorporates some revisions and suggestions received after the charter renewal period last year.

Please note that there are 4 areas that will be reviewed. These are the most common omissions that delay activation of a charter.

Please click on each topic to be directed to an expanded explanation of the topic.

This procedure has made the process more efficient. Once the package has been reviewed this form will be given to the person handing in the charter. Units will know from this quick·overview that some additional information in needed before the charter will be activated.


Are you ready for some football???!!!!

If you have a son in Cub Scouts between the ages of 6-11 and you love football what a great opportunity we have in store for you.  Sign up for the January 18th Liberty Science Center Camp In and experience an exhibit called “Gridiron Glory” The Best of the Football Hall of Fame.  It will feature a “local heroes” section showcasing the Giants and Jets.  Entrance is free with your reservation.  Contact Linda Mickel at for more information.  Siblings ages 6-11 also welcome.

The Sweet Sixteen of BSA Safety

This week we look at #11, Communications.

Few youth organizations encompass the breadth, volume, and diversity of physical activity common to Scouting, and none enjoy a better safety record. The key to maintaining and improving this exemplary record is the conscientious and trained adult leader who is attentive to safety concerns.

As an aid in the continuing effort to protect participants in a Scout activity, the BSA National Health and Safety Committee and the Council Services Division of the BSA National Council have developed the “Sweet Sixteen” of BSA safety procedures for physical activity. These 16 points, which embody good judgement and common sense, are applicable to all activities.


The supervisor needs to be able to communicate effectively with participants as needed during the activity. Emergency communications also need to be considered in advance for any foreseeable contingencies.


Las Dieciséis Pautas de Seguridad de BSA

Son pocas las organizaciones para jóvenes que abarcan la amplitud, cantidad y diversidad de actividades físicas que son comunes en el programa Scouting, y ninguna disfruta de mejor récord de seguridad. La clave para mantener y mejorar ese récord ejemplar es tener un líder adulto concienzudo y capacitado que esté atento a los problemas de seguridad.

Para ayudar en el continuo esfuerzo de proteger a los que participan en las actividades Scout, el Comité Nacional de Salud y Seguridad de BSA y la División de Servicios del Concilio Nacional de BSA han elaborado Las Dieciséis Pautas de los procedimientos de seguridad de BSA para actividades físicas. Estos 16 puntos, que reflejan el buen criterio y el sentido común, aplican a todas las actividades.


El supervisor debe poder comunicarse eficazmente con los participantes según sea necesario durante la actividad. También se deben considerar con anticipación las comunicaciones de emergencia que se necesiten para cualquier contingencia previsible.


The U. S. Marine Corps Reserves asks the packs, troops and crews of Patriots’ Path Council to assist with the 2013 Toys For Tots campaign.  For more information, click here.

Cub Scout Leaders-Find out about Den Chiefs

Cub Scout Leaders:  In case you don’t know how much of a help a den chief can be, take a look at the new Working with a Den Chief presentation at

Munsee Tiger Day

For Newly Registered Tigers and their Parents
When: Saturday November 2, 2013
Where: Rahway River Park (picnic grove by rest rooms)
Time: 10 am-12 noon

Come join us for a fun filled afternoon for the new Tigers to experience a little of what they can expect from Cub Scouting!

There will be tin-foil cooking (Baked apple slice) and games!

Meet some of our district and council staff that will be ready to answer any questions and give you some insight on what Scouting has to offer.

For more information please contact Martha Kamichoff (908) 403-0368

New Patrol Emblems

Now available at our PPC Scout Shops!

New emblems include:

  • Alien
  • Bull
  • Bulldog
  • Computer Geek
  • Game Master
  • Mambra
  • Native American
  • Ninja
  • Old Goat
  • Phoenix
  • Robot
  • Squirrel
  • T-Rex
  • Zombie

Want that Perfect Holiday Gift?

Choose from our new exclusive Patriots’ Path tie collection.  There will be SEVEN different styles: Fleur de lies on green, red or navy, Eagle stripes on navy or green and Eagle diamond on red or green. All seven are 100% silk, custom designed dress ties. Also perfect for that new Eagle Scout, Scoutmaster or Den Leader gift or a special thank you to a well-deserving Scout or Scouter. We can also ship this item for an additional $5.00
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